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Who and What are You Listening To?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I heard these words so very clearly this morning Obedience & Faith, Trust & Obey! I have been laying low because I needed to hear God with crystal clear precision. It can be hard to listen and hear Him due to all of the noise. The noise is the fear, doubt, frustration, discouragement, lack, loneliness, uncertainty, the spirit of competition, comparing and everything else that comes to torment your thoughts. The kind of noise that prevents you from focusing on what’s truly important.

Let me ask you a question if someone was trying to talk to you but there were a lot of people yelling at the same time would you be able to hear them at all clearly? I would say probably not, therefore, you would have to adjust yourself and surroundings accordingly so that you could clearly hear.

I have come to understand and recognize that when I am about to walk into a major blessing this noise always comes. And I have also started understanding that it is sent to fully distract me, which can cause me to start questioning everything God has already told me and shown me. I asked God to tell me what He wants me to do and I heard the words (obedience & faith, followed by (trust & obey) I instantly knew that He was speaking to me because that is the very thing that I was starting to waver in. I was beginning to wonder if I am being obedient and then I heard these 4 words. This was a pivotal moment that held a very important key.

The key moment was that I knew it was His voice, we can experience times when we say to ourselves or others that God said something to us when in fact it wasn’t Him at all; it was simply what we wanted to hear.

How many times have you felt as though you were at a standstill not knowing which way to turn, yet, knowing you are supposed to move? In those times it’s important that you “be still” lay low & listen so that you can hear God speaking. Do you know how powerful those four words are? Well, let me break it down so that you are clear.

Obedience means to be in compliance with an order!

Faith means have confidence, trust!

Trust means to have a strong belief, confidence!

Obey means to comply with the plan!

Whew! so, in a nutshell, stay in line with the order of your life and never stop trusting the process the plan of God; never allowing your confidence drop. POW- ER- FUL is all I have to say and I know that this isn’t just meant for me.

'Obedience means to be in compliance with an order, Faith means have confidence, trust. Trust means to have a strong belief, confidence. Obey means to comply with the plan!


Let me offer you some signs that the noise may be too loud.

When your thoughts about something or someone turn into worry that’s noise.When you’ve done everything that you know how to do and nothing appears to be changing that’s noise.When you are totally distracted from your purpose, assignment because you’re focused on something else that’s noise.When you can’t rest and you have no peace that’s noise.When you compare yourself to others and determine that they must be doing something right and you’re doing something wrong that’s noise.

I call all of this the “nasty noise” and this is when you MUST decide and choose to step into obedience & faith, obeying and trusting HIM!

You may be thinking uhh, Kimberly, I don’t know how to do that it isn’t that easy for me. I was never taught how to trust what I don't see.

I call this the "nasty noise" and this is when you MUST decide and choose to step into obedience & faith, obeying and trusting Him!

Well, let me ask you to think about a few things that you do trust without seeing. You trust the very breath that flows through your body right? Can you see the wind when you feel blow across your face? You trust the beat of your heart although you don’t see it right? Do I need to continue? I think not! And then you just simply open up your mouth, ask for instructions, directions and for crystal clear signs then you listen so that you can receive the answers.

See, I almost fell for the noise myself, I was almost ready to completely hibernate but I decided and chose to ask, listen and hear God. Because at the beginning, middle and end of the day if we want to elevate to our next level of excellence we have to PUSH. We all have people that are waiting for us to show all the way up. So what do you think happens if we allow the nasty noise to take us out? That’s right, NOTHING, happens and I mean with regards to moving forward and into your power of extreme greatness. Transformation happens when we transform our mind.

So let me encourage you right now today to persist until something happens = P.U.S.H when it’s hard, P.U.S.H when you don’t feel like it!

~Kimberly Nicole Johnson

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