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Welcome and thank you for stopping by. This is a glimpse into my world. Feel free to take a look around. Join me as I learn to navigate this new chapter of my life "Moment by Moment."   God bless.

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Kimberly Nicole Johnson Author Life Coach Public Speaker Widow

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a God-fearing Woman, Widow, Author, Wife, Mom, Nana, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Entrepreneur, and OverComer. I was thrust into a whole new life after losing my soulmate, Devan Rmoni, unexpectedly. So, I have chosen to walk in my created purpose, because I know that my purpose is attached to the world.

In 2004, my late husband and I established Incredible Creations Beauty & Barber Salon.  It was the first black owned and operated business in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Over The Rhine.  I quickly became recognized for my unique skills and talent as a hairstylist. I balanced the roles of salon owner, platform artist, educator, and mentor along with my duties as a wife and mother.


My husband Devan, and I were best friends. Our lives were very intertwined and we relied heavily on each other.  Neither of us could have predicted what life had in store for us.


Devan stood steadfast by me and held me up as I battled cancer in 2014. Just as we had done during every trial we faced in the past two decades, we fought and won...together. I figured beating breast cancer would be the hardest fight I would ever have to fight. However, my greatest test came in September 2016, the day my husband was suddenly taken from this life; from the life we worked so tirelessly to build. I was devastated by this unimaginable loss.  I struggled to find reason and an identity of my own. I desperately clung to my faith in God, and knew Devan would not want me to fold. Though dazed, confused, and uncertain, I was sure God had a plan that was directly attached to me tapping into my divine purpose. God revealed to me how to "Unleash the Power of Greatness" within me. Now, it is my mission in life to tell my story, share my life experiences and know-how to help people overcome tragedy, find their purpose, and live their best life. I wrote a book, "Walking Without My Cane," that details my story. I am free to soar.  "I was a bird in cage for so long, yet the door was always open".   

I am ~Kimberly Nicole Johnson™️ Widow, Published Author, Life Coach, Wife, Mom, Nana, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Entrepreneur, Breast Cancer & Brain Aneurysm Survivor AKA OverComer   


                                                                                 I  AM