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OverComers Women’s Conference 2023
A conference for women who have faced or facing hard life adversities. This conference will M.E.I.T every area providing healing, Motivation, Empowerment, Inspiration & Transformation= M.E.I.T. Also, equipping them with an OverComer "first aid" kit as they move forward and want to start LIVING Now!
May 20, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT
First Financial Innovation Space,
1 E 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA



Tecola Harrison

My experience in the “We are OverComers coaching” course was excellent! I learned a lot of skills and practical tools to help me navigate life while pushing myself to achieve the goals I've set for myself and not allow my insecurities to sabotage my dreams and goals, not to mention my present circumstance. Coach Kimberly Nicole Johnson allowed us to be transparent as she was also. There was a sisterhood created. I looked forward to seeing the ladies each session. Coach Kimberly was always present & not just only

face to face but emotionally as well! 

It seemed like God was allowing her to go through trials and fresh testimonies every day as she was teaching us to OVERCOME each week. Which made the experience that much more effective. I love what God did for me and my sisters through Coach Kimberly Nicole Johnson. I certainly would recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to get over their current situation and get to their purpose.


~Ms. Tecola R. Harrison


Stacey Sweet

Kimberly has personally provided me with insight and guidance through difficult times in my life. She’s a true inspiration of hope, faith, and perseverance. Kimberly has always extended a listening ear and provided words of encouragement and support through daily/weekly texts or phone calls. Kimberly doesn’t just provide you with words of wisdom, she goes a step further by giving you scriptures for you to read and reflect on. Kimberly is passionate about helping people be their best self and work to fulfill their Godly purpose. 
—— Stacey Sweet 


Shelly Conrad

Kimberly Nicole Johnson has been partnering with the Cincinnati Public Schools Girls to Women  program since 2018. Kimberly has served in this program as a phenomenal motivational speaker/presenter.  Kimberly's love  for serving both God and  the girls in our program is authentically from her heart.  Additionally Kimberly has provided for me direct coaching and professional development that has enhanced my leadership skills as the district leader for the Girls to Women program.  Kimberly Nicole Johnson is a huge part of G2W and I look forward to continuing our partnership with her for many years to come.  💟

~Shelly Conrad

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