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The Moment by Moment Movement

Definition of Moment by Moment: 

To be present in the very place you’re in at the moment.

To take one step at a time, feeling and being present in this moment.

Moment by Moment Creed

I will

Just Be

In the moment 

Moment by Moment

Not worrying about the next moment, yet looking forward to it.

Because when I worry about any other moment besides the one that I’m in,

I am robbing myself of the gift. 

And what is the gift you may ask.

The gift is called, “This Moment”

Yes, we should plan for things, but not at the expense of right “Now”

Therefore, I choose to trust the process

I choose to trust God 

So, I vow right now to embrace “this moment”  because it’s the “only” moment that truly matters at the “moment."

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