"I beat breast cancer, yet lost my husband suddenly & unexpectedly! I've decided to write, film & share the story of us with the world!"
This is more than just a project for me this is my life and life happens to all of us. It's not just about publishing a book it's about everything that goes beyond that. It's about releasing this for the world to see and to hear, it's about helping people across the globe. My husband would say to me "Bae, you should write a book!" And I would say "what would I write about" Not knowing that God was going to answer that question for me sooner than later.
This book is a teaching tool because someone needs to hear and see how it looks to move forward, someone needs to know how life can go on. "Walking Without My Cane" was conceived the night that my husband left this world. Therefore, I am the book, the book is me, the book is our last child and it's ready for the world to see. I know that my book is going to change lives, I know that my book will inspire, motivate, empower and awaken people after they read this story of love, pain, courage, faith, endurance, strength, trust, perseverance and wisdom.

Walking Without My Cane

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