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This coaching program is $675.00 with $100.00 deposit (non-refundable) You will receive further instructions once your deposit is made. This option allows you to pay over the weeks to come until July 14th, 2022


What Is It?


Four week intensive, accelerated and deep dive program into overcoming. What is holding you back? What guilt are you carrying? What frustrates you that you can’t be productive?


Who Is It For?


This is for the Woman who’s ready for more. The woman who knows that’s so much for her to do, the overlooked, frustrated, yet ready! She knows that everything that’s she’s endured is for a bigger purpose.  Fighting  loneliness, broken heartedness and stagnation. Let’s get you moving in purpose on purpose.





• Class starts  the 1st Thursday, in July 7th, 2022

• 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, EST

• Class will begin July 7th and end July 28


Join me weekly, for two hours with live instruction and coaching, engaging sessions with other women, weekly homework, prayer strategies and your ultimate Overcomer’s Plan for future freedom.


Back 2 the Basics Coaching Payment Plan

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