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Allow Yourself To Just Be

I talk a lot about being in the moments which means to fully experience each second intentionally and purposefully. It means to not worry about what’s next but instead soak in what it is now. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to fully walk in that when your life appears to be hopeless.

I had a conversation the other day with one of our sons and he was saying that he’s tired of not being able to do certain things right now. I told him that life has many twists and turns and of course, we don’t know what they are.

We can’t see what God is doing ahead of time but what we can rest assured in is that He is doing good work. If each day was always exactly how we wanted we would all be spoiled brats and we would never know how awesome God is.

If the sun shined bright every day and we never had rain nothing would grow. We would never see the beautiful flowers because they would dry out. We would not have food because there would be no rain to water the gardens.

We shouldn’t wait until everything is picture perfect before we decide to enjoy & live in the now. Life happens to all of us, therefore, it’s imperative to decide & choose to be present right now.

When my Devan first left this world I didn’t know how I was supposed to continue in this world without him. I didn’t know how I was supposed to breathe without him. Then a few days after he transitioned I was lying across the bed in our room and I grabbed my phone because I was receiving so many messages from so many people and I wanted to reply.

So as I was about to respond something was dropped in my spirit which was this “just be, moment by moment” I heard it loud and clear so it was at that very moment that I started saying just be, moment by moment. I can honestly say that these past 2 years and 11 months I have been operating in each moment.

I allow myself to feel whatEVER I want and need to feel. I will never apologize for experiencing my moments because what I’ve learned is that they belong to me. They are also shaping and molding me into who I was created to Become.

When we live in the fullness of our lives we will receive everything that’s attached to that fullness. But when you shrink yourself down or allow yourself not to feel fully you are robbing yourself of the present.


I want you to decide & choose to dance like no one is looking. I want you to sing like no one is listening, love like you will never see him/her again. I want you to live fully and with intention knowing that you will never get this moment again. I want you to ~JUST BE, MOMENT BY MOMENT!


Just Be

In the moment

Moment by Moment

Not worrying about the next moment yet looking forward to it.

Because when I worry about any other moment besides the one that I’m in I am robbing myself of the gift.

And what is the gift you may ask?

The gift is called “THIS MOMENT”

Yes, we should plan for things but not at the expense of right “NOW”

Therefore, I choose to trust the process I choose to trust God

So I vow right now to embrace “this very moment” because it’s the “only” moment that truly matters at the “moment”.

Moment By Moment

~Kimberly Nicole Johnson~

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