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The Process Comes Before The Promise

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Many people wonder why it takes so long to receive the "thing, person &/or stuff" that they've been believing, wanting and waiting for God to do. You're not alone because I have also often wondered why my prayers seem to be in the slow checkout line. God where are the things that I've been waiting oh so long for??? So I've asked, God, I've been waiting for so long where is IT?? Do you see me God, do you even hear me?

Let me first say that I know for sure that God sees and hears me loud and clear! What I've also found out is that God not only sees and hears me but that He has already put the "things, stuff & people" in motion. Let me also add I truly found out that the promises aka (answered prayers) of God cannot appear until you go through the PROCESS!

Let's define the word Process:

A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

So that means that you can't receive what you want until you go through a Process. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be grueling but I believe that it does mean that you will have to experience a Process. I also believe that the Process is designed to prepare you for the answered prayers. I don't believe that this is something that anyone can get out of. Again, I'm not saying that it is going to always be excruciating but again very important in finally receiving what you want.

I also believe that if God gave us anything before we are ready we will..

#1 mess it up

#2 not appreciate it (the answered prayer)

#3 mismanage it

That is why I believe God uses the Process as our "training" ground. In the Process we begin to learn who we really are, how strong we are and most importantly who God is.

The process will not last longer than it's intended time, unless we get in the way"


I know quite a bit about being in a Process, I've been through some tough stuff (like most people) and I've also been waiting for God to open up the "doors of Promise" aka restoration" for me. However, as I've looked back I now understand why I had to wait! It wasn't time and even more so I WASN'T READY! God will release our "stuff" when He knows that we are trained and ready. God wants us to enjoy His gifts and that's why I believe that He will not release them until HE says that it's time! The Process will not last longer than it's intended time, unless we get in the way!


Now lets quickly look at the word Promise and what it means.

Promise: a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.

So this tells us that a "Promise" is something that will surely come to pass.

Keep in mind that Promises can NOT come before the Process. For example lets look at the butterfly and its Process. A butterfly cannot become a butterfly without first being a caterpillar so upon entering the cocoon the caterpillar goes through a grueling metamorphosis.The caterpillar has to go through 4 stages; the egg, larva, pupa and adult stage. If one stage is missed or not experienced it would never turn into a beautiful Butterfly. If you've ever seen a cocoon you probably didn't think to much about what was happening inside, however, there are really big changes taking place inside = PROCESS!

Once the 4 stages are complete the Butterfly will emerge = PROMISE! And not one moment sooner!

Remember God knows when & how long it will be before you receive everything connected & concerning your 'Promises" (answered prayers) and He will answer them when He knows that you're ready. However, also remember that the hard stuff aka “the Process” is only making you fit for the amazing answered prayers that you've petitioned God for! Therefore, you have to PUSH!

So let this encourage you to stay inside of your cocoon and let the metamorphosis have its way so you can also become a big beautiful butterfly!

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4 Kommentare

Micaiah Yhisrael
Micaiah Yhisrael
05. Nov. 2021

Staying patient through any process is tough. But the reward is always worth it. Thank goodness for Mercy, Grace and the power to evolve.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Amen Sis! That is for sure the challenging part!! 💙🦋

Gefällt mir

🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Yessss!! This right here is so true & i definitely had to learn that I had to go thru the Process to get to the Promise!! Great read🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Thank you doll! That’s the part most people forget about it just don’t seem to understand the process…….

Gefällt mir
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