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“When God Gets The Last Laugh” written by Chauna Milan

About a month ago I get a settlement check in the mail that made me laugh so hard it was for $6.81. I laughed at it and I threw it down on the dining room table saying it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Maybe a few days later I picked up the check and I put it in my purse and I carried it around for weeks forgetting to cash it. I really didn't even want to cash it, I didn't think it was worth my time until TODAY. You see, I had just enough money in the bank for my water bill and my security alarm system pymt that was coming through this morning but my Epix streaming service ran interference for $6.45 which shorted my account and my water bill BOUNCED. I was then assessed a $28 fee for not having enough funds in my account to cover the water payment. I scrambled immediately and called the bank asked the woman would she be so kind to reverse the $28 if I deposited the $6.81 check in my account. She told me you need to do so TODAY before 3:00- if you do that today they will run it again. I RAN out of my job, drove down to the bank on 2 wheels and put that check right in there! I felt so SMALL like that check, but at exactly 3:00 my water bill was PAID. Don't ever think that a blessing is too small to make a difference. I sure learned today. GOD IS AWESOME

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